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Staff All of the Staff here at Longspee Academy do their very best to deliver a creative and challenging curriculum for all our young learners.


Senior Leadership:
Mrs N Morton Director of Special Education
Mr G O’Connell Principal
Mr S Burt Vice Principal
Miss E Ryder                   Assistant Vice Principal/Inclusion Lead

Teaching Staff:

Mr A Bodek Classteacher
Mrs R Thynne Lead Outreach Teacher
Mrs A Watson Behaviour Outreach Teacher
Miss T Corbett Classteacher
Ms N Cutsforth Classteacher
Miss K Chilcott Classteacher
Ms N Griffin Classteacher
Mrs A Walton Classteacher
Mrs J Reid Classteacher
Mr J Wathan Classteacher
 Miss L Slipkova  Unqualified Teacher

Learning Support Staff:
Mr Pillinger Teaching Assistant
Mr B Charlton Health & Wellbeing Leader
Miss A Bates  Teaching Assistant
Mr D Garden Pastoral Support Manager
Miss L Cheney Behaviour Support/Safeguarding Assistant & Anti-Bullying Champion
Mrs L Blake Teaching Assistant
Ms R Pearson Teaching Assistant
Miss S Miles Teaching Assistant
Mr S Brown Teaching Assistant
Miss S Ayley Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Woldon Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Coogan Teaching Assistant
 Miss F Sheppard  Learning Mentor
Mr G Wallis Behaviour Support/Midday Supervisor
 Ms S Boboc  Finance Manager
Ms C Gale Office Manager
Mrs A Evans Administration Assistant
Mr J Berry

Miss A Miller

Mr N Jeffery

Miss M Barter

Miss S Shears




  Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Maintenance Person

Pastoral Assistant

Finance Assistant




School Information

Thought of the week

Ever Garrison A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.


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