Inspiring learners through high expectations Longspee is a specialist Academy, inspiring learners through high expectations that are embedded into rich, relevant and supportive learning opportunities. Pupils experience valued relationships across the community and gain security from routine, structure and the development of lifelong learning. This is fundamental to our children’s well being and future life success.

Working in partnership with parents and carers, staff and Committee Members provide opportunities for all children at Longspee Academy to be successful in their academic, personal and social development.

We will develop successful learners  who enjoy learning and make progress by:

  • demonstrating a willingness to concentrate on tasks and developing their knowledge
  • evaluating their own work and assessing its strengths
  • developing independent learning skills

We will support pupils to make progress academically, personally and socially by:

  • providing positive, highly motivating and well matched learning opportunities
  • enabling pupils to accept challenges
  • promoting positive behaviours for learning

We will develop engaged learners by:

  • actively promoting a thirst for learning
  • enabling pupils to sustain work with a sense of commitment and enjoyment
  • developing confident, tolerant and resilient learners

We will support pupils to achieve their full potential by:

  • developing self-esteem and self-discipline
  • taking responsibility for their own actions
  • making progress in their learning across the curriculum

We will develop respectful learners who make a positive contribution to the community by enabling pupils to:

  • listen to others and respond appropriately to what they say
  • be socially adept
  • develop high moral standards
  • learn to appreciate the practices and beliefs of others

Thought of the week

Confucius Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.


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